As pioneers in our field, we venture beyond current thinking to deliver the future of energy-based technology today. Our extensive experience and expertise in product design, development, engineering and software enables us to push conventional technology boundaries into next generation devices.

With a growing portfolio of products, our investment in Research and Technology is a key area of focus. At ATL, we strive to make the best better whilst staying true to what is evidenced based and client focused.


From concept to completion, our highly skilled team take innovation through the design, development and testing process to the production of a fully certified and compliant device. This entire process is carried out at our UK manufacturing facility.

Investment in 3D printing has enabled us to accelerate our prototype testing and development programmes. In house manufacture gives us control over supply chain processes, quality and price. Our medical products also go through extensive clinical evaluation to verify safety and performance.

Our regulatory team continually review and update our product conformity to local and international standards to ensure they are compliant in all the countries we operate.


We are committed to providing professional and clinical education, training and support with all of our products to ensure best practice and the delivery of safe and consistent treatment results.

Our accredited learning programme, digital webinar series and on-going treatment and support tools ensure our clients and partners maintain current and relevant knowledge for continued success.


The medical device industry is a fast-moving market where trends and technologies are ever evolving. With a passion for emerging innovation, we recognise that partnering with stand-out products enables us to bring solutions to market faster which helps our clients stay ahead.

As an IS013485 Medical Device manufacture, we understand the importance of regulatory compliance. With a trusted global brand reputation to uphold, we offer assurance that any products distributed under the ATL name have been through strict due diligence to ensure, compliance, safety and efficacy.

The Contour Master is a recent addition to the ATL portfolio. This next generation electro-magnetic body contouring device is targeted to increase muscle and decrease fat without discomfort or downtime.